What kind of sauna choose?

Sauna Infrared
Sauna Infrared
Dry sauna with low air temperature of 40 ° -70 ° C, which ensures comfort of staying in this sauna. In infrared cabins, only 20% of the infrared energy heats the surrounding air, while up to 80% of that energy penetrates up to 4 cm deep into the body and transforms into warmth, warming the muscles and internal organs. An infrared session is a passive training that accelerates the metabolism by about 40% without strain on the joints and intense workouts. During one 30-minute session, the body burns about 900-2400 kcal!
Steam Room
Steam Room
Additional energy injection after training. The steam room with a humidity of up to 100% and a temperature of 40-50 ° C. Perfectly strengthens immunity, helps blood circulation and cleanses the body and skin. Recommendations: two fifteen minutes sessions in the sauna after each workout.
Dry Sauna
Dry Sauna
The temperature in the dry sauna reaches up to 95 ° C with a humidity of up to 10%. In the dry sauna you can stay for 8-15 minutes, then leave the room, take a cold shower, dry yourself and return to the sauna. Dry sauna is a good solution for people suffering from:
- tension of spine muscles
- chronic rheumatoid inflammation of joints
- stiffening inflammation spine joints
- bronchial asthma
- chronic bronchitis
- hypertension
- arterial occlusion
- asthma pectoris angioedema